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Introducing analogTime:

Made in Italy

Your analogTime watch is designed by Thomas and his team in Milan. Each body is individually created in 316L stainless steel, all are true limited edition watches which are configured in our workshop in Milan to create a timepiece uniquely for you.

The world’s first limited edition timepiece 3D-printed in stainless steel. Each wristwatch is created in Italy as a one-off that expresses the intrinsic quality, unique texture, and infinite possibilities of 3D printing in stainless steel, a durable and timeless material.

Each watch in the analogTime family is a fully guaranteed and serious timepiece, featuring a Japanese 21 jewel Miyota automatic movement, hand-assembled with sapphire crystals. This innovative collection will premiere in fall of 2022.

Limited Edition


Each watch is 3D printed and then precision machined. Next, we polish, hand assemble and mount the 21 jewel Miyota automatic movement.

Fully tested by our watchmaker and certified with a unique serial number. Your timepiece is sustainably packaged.



Direct to You


To order, we’ve created a simple interactive on-line configurator where you can easily and confidently design your own bespoke wristwatch. Following your selection, we will 3D print your design, then produce, hand assemble and test your unique timepiece. Then we’ll ship it directly to you.



analogTime:  A/B, Initial patent pending design family and sustainable packaging

note:  we are currently previewing our collection prior to our launch

Each piece of our new Luna premiere collection strives to work artfully with form and light, crafting minimal designs using traditional, fine materials into lights that have the ability to transform any environment. 

Luna Lighting

See the Luna Collection at:


May 15-17

Javits Center

Booth 933

Milan Design Week,

June 06 - 12

Luna Showroom, 

Via Vigevano, 27

Milan, Italy

Analog Lab is a Milan-based, international, multi-disciplinary team of designers. Our design thinking and expertise is in brand, strategy, user experience, product, lighting, and furniture design. Today we are excited to present our in-studio designed in Italy collections.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 7.51.08 PM.png

Luna Lantern:  Indoor & Outdoor Collection in white Oak and brushed stainless steel or American Walnut and gunmetal grey PVD brushed stainless steel

Innovative, Nimble, Curious:

The Luna Collection

2021 & 2022


Luna Cut:  Sliding Rail Collection

Luna Cut:  Hanging Pendant Collection

Luna Sputnik:  Pendant Collection

Luna Forma:  Hardwood Pendant Collection

Luna Lantern:  Indoor & Outdoor Collection

Luna Firefly:  Portable Lights Collection

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Signup today, and we will pre-register you for a special discount on our upcoming analogTime Limited Edition Timepieces. 

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NOTE: we will not charge you anything at this time, we are simply judging interest to help us refine our collection.

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Transform and energize your creative skills and vision with the Analog team at DesignMashup 2022, an experiential design workshop for architects, artists, designers, and makers. 

DesignMashup 2022

Join Thomas and the AnalogLab team in Italy for 2 exciting workshops in 2022

Spring Session

April 2022

Autumn Session

October 2022

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