Thomas Lehman


Analog-Lab founding partner Thomas is both an industrial designer and graphic designer. His work encompasses branding, furniture and product design, retail concepts and immersive new media. Past positions include Chief Creative Officer at Icon Medialab Milan, European Design Director for John Ryan International, Imagineer at EuroDisney in Paris and Senior Designer with Landor Associates. Thomas has owned design studios in San Francisico, Seattle, Paris and Italy. He currently teaches design and is a frequent speaker on design and design strategy topics at worldwide forums. Thomas holds a masters degree in industrial design and interaction design from Domus Academy in Milan.

Jessika Kaelleskog


Jessika is an interior architect and designer in the field of product and furniture. She loves the interesting interaction between working in these two correlated fields. Her experience of working close to materials and manufacturing has deepened her attention to details and the knowledge of materials so every project is unique. Her design is an expression of Scandinavian simplicity blended with italian spirit and craftsmanship. 


Jessika is an experienced interior architect with work experience in Milano and for the past 10 years as furniture and interior designer, in Stockholm and Milan. She has worked for market leading clients and brands such as Absolut Vodka, I Guzzini, Mycronic, Target, Creation Baumann and numerous others. She is trained both in Italy and Sweden and holds a masters degree in interior architecture and furniture design from Konstfack University, Stockholm.

Michelle Barry, Phd., Collaborator,

Strategy and Brand Anthropologist

Michelle brings innovative methods and strategic, analytic frameworks to truly get underneath the nuances of human behavior and sensory experiences that lead to successful brand, product and retail experiences. With a doctorate in socio-cultural and medical anthropology and an applied arts degree in visual communications, Michelle develops new approaches for articulating brand and retail experiences through the lens of consumer culture.


She has served the Hartman Group as Principal and Senior Vice President where she developed and managed research, trends, innovation and consulting divisions. Past positions include managerial and clinical roles in traditional and alternative healthcare fields as a nutritional counselor and natural pharmacy manager. She previously owned a visual communications studio delivering brand and design solutions to clients such as Safeway, K2 and Alaska Airlines. Michelle has co-authored two books: Reflections on a Cultural Brand and Marketing in the Soul Age, has appeared on MSNBC, NPR, CNN and Oxygen, speaks routinely at national events, and appears frequently in national and industry publications as a thought leader in human behavior and cultural trends.  >

Tony Grob, Collaborator,

Strategist and Story Designer

Tony is a story designer and filmmaker. His blend of vision, strategy, creativity and care for community draws on his 25+ years experience. He provides the vision of a storyteller, the guidance of a strategist, and the expertise of a designer. He knows the value of balancing quality work and smart thinking with relationship-building and family. Father to an amazing five-year-old girl, Tony is a passionate photographer and traveler, who’s always looking to deeply connect with the world. 


Francesca Labrini, Collaborator,

Communication Design

Francesca and her partner Daniela Capretti have long collaborated with us to create strategic and award-winning interactive, retail and print design. Our past successful collaborations include such international clients as Starbucks, Cranium, Humphrey, Jean-Air, Canali, Metodika and many others.


Sergio Mannino, Collaborator, 

Architect and Designer 

Sergio is our retail associate and he brings a team of employees and consultants from around the world to collaborate on retail projects and highly experiential space designs. His design philosophy is to use technology, architecture and design as a means to create environments that will affect, inspire and engage. Sergio believes in blurring the boundaries between forms of art and considers every project as a whole, where each component is as important as the other. 


Sergio's design style is somewhat chameleonic in the sense that he works with each client to create a style that reflects their needs, builds their business and reflects their own brand. Sergio and his team have created over 300 highly experiential and branded stores around the world for clients such as Miss Sixty, Energie, Killah, S.Oliver, Breil, Mavi, Steve Madden, Bialetti, Novo, and Fornari.