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Inquisitive, thoughtful, bold:


is analog

AnalogLab is design.

Design is problem solving delivered with creativity and passion. We believe that all meaningful design begins in a simple analog way, involving our minds, our hands and heart. We begin by thinking, sketching, creating prototypes all with the most natural simple tools, finally resolving these analog designs with the most modern tools. 

We know that great design is never created in a vacuum, for over 25 years the AnalogLab team has been a mix  of international artists, photographers, strategists, researchers, filmmakers, writers & dreamers bleed with business experts  all who are driven to discover and deliver world-class creative solutions.

Espresso fuels this passion: Our main studio is located in Milan, Italy, with a satellite studio in Seattle. Both cities are known for stimulating design and innovation and more importantly for an amazing cup of coffee. We are fueled creatively by this rich elixir every day. 

Join us for a cup.

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