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Domus Academy / Kickstarter

Students from all corners of the world celebrated completing Entrepreneurship in Design 2018 at Domus Academy, an intensive course in industrial design entrepreneurship featuring Kickstarter. 


These talented, dedicated, smart and innovative students came up with many interesting and creative products that we all agreed had the potential to become successful in the marketplace.


This is the third program we have created with Domus Academy and Kickstarter. It's a lot of work for all of us - especially the students - but it is a true labor of love. I genuinely enjoy teaching these courses and providing direction and opportunity to young designers. 


Kudos to: Heather Corcoran from Kickstarter for providing insight and support for this great teaching platform and to Francesco Sorrentino, Mara Ribone, and Steffen Kaz whom each contributed their time, talent and effort throughout the course. 


>  ON LEFT:  Proposed Kickstarter launch video student project.

Two Exciting Workshops for 2022
Analog Lab and the prestigious Civita Institue announce Design Mashup, Italy 2022: April and October one week sessions.
Milan & Civita di Banoregio, Italy

Join us for DesignMashup in Italy, an immersive 2-part workshop for architects, designers and makers.


The Milan Discovery


Explore Milan’s vibrant creative energy with visits to its essential and edgy design museums, art and design galleries, historic and evolving design districts, concept stores, design showrooms, and view Milan’s historic and iconic modern architecture.

May 17-19, 2019


The Civita Workshop


The next leg of your design adventure awaits in Civita di Banoregio – one of Italy’s most beautiful hill towns. This transition from modern Milan to Civita is a striking contrast and an insight into the inner workings of the Italian design system guiding your creative work at the workshop.

May 20-26, 2019



Design Mashup in this historic hilltown


Discover your personal design poetics through this immersive, hands-on design workshop that is a mashup of old and new Italian design thinking, materials and techniques. 

Create your unique mashup prototype during this personally guided creative design workshop.


The Civita Institute


Design Mashup 2019 workshops are held at the Civita Institute, a renowned American non-profit founded in 1981 to promote and inspire design excellence through cultural exchange.  The Institute is committed to protecting the fragile physical, social, and cultural foundations of Italian hill towns.



NOTE: Space is limited to a small number of participants to allow ample time for one-on-one learning, lessons, critiques, and demonstrations.



Visit the website now for more information and to Pre-register for special early-bird pricing. 





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